IT Infrastructure

A lot of Computer Science is focused on programming. This class is about everything else. If we use the analogy of driving a race car, this class is for those that want to get under the hood.

IT Infrastructure is loosely based on the CompTIA Fundamentals+ curriculum and students can receive a discounted rate if they wish to take the exam at the end of the course.

The units in order of study are:

  1. Core Hardware (we take apart computers and put them back together)
  2. Peripherals (don’t touch the printer)
  3. Servers and IoT (We build own our web servers on Windows and Linux)
  4. Operating Systems (we make our own CTF)
  5. Software Applications (how to manage them)
  6. Software Development (learn about GitHub)
  7. Databases (Mostly MySQL with a bit of MongoDB)
  8. Networks (Make your own cables and fix your own router!)
  9. Security Concerns (lots of them)