The future is here

I just got a computer in the mail. It can run windows, linux, etc. You can use it to play minecraft, listen to music, take pictures, attach to a drone to take video, etc, etc. Oh, did I mention it cost $5 and it’s smaller than a credit card? We live in the future.


Interesting article on why we should have more Cybersecurity classes in school (I’d settle for any kind of CS classes 🙂

Summer Camp Roundup

Hello, computer scientists! Here is the first annual round-up of Computer Science and tech-related summer camps. I will update this as I find out more, so please contact me if I missed any! First, in Rochester:Community Ed does a great job attracting many different camps to the area, from Lego robotics and animation for younger students to Minecraft hacking with Java for those with more experience. Your best resource is the community Ed brochure: Camp Invention also has many camps every summer, in Rochester and elsewhere: Greater Minnesota:Inver Hills Community College has a FREE Cyber-Security camp for high school students…