So you want to learn to code?

  • – I REALLY like CodeCademy because it is project-based. You learn while building (mostly web-based) projects.
  • – A really fun way to learn JavaScript or Python for students that like playing video games. Students have to use code to program their character to win the game. It is a partially open-source project, so new levels are added all the time.
  • – Another really fun game/puzzle-based learning adventure for Python and Javascript
  • – my favorite so far for learning the basics of an individual technology. Bite-sized information with ongoing questions and summative quizzes to help with retention. Has a nice mobile App to use whenever you’re bored.
  • – videos and quizzes to learn step-by-step at your own pace. Offers many different languages
  • – w3schools is my go-to resource for web development. Students can try out examples right inside the page, change the code, copy the code, etc, etc.
  • – A wonderful resource of tutorials and examples for HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • – probably the best well-known. Has a huge number of resources.
  • – Introductory, “hour of code” lessons from Khan Academy
  • – Many, many resources on how to learn Python, from gamified courses for kids, to full subscription-based courses.

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