IT Launch for the week of Dec 17

Hello Computer Scientists!
  Here we are in the last week before the break and there are important dates coming up!
  #1: This week we have a two speakers! Claire Duvallet is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at M.I.T. Travis Gafford is the head of E-Sports Media at Yahoo! Make sure to read their info and get your three questions done!
  #2: The first day after break (January 3rd) is the due date for your term paper rough draft! The final draft is due on the day of the final exam. Details are in Moodle.
  For the entire month of January, you will be creating an independent project (working alone or with a partner). The first week will be creating a proposal, the second two weeks will be building the project and the final week will be creating a presentation. The project can be anything related to what we have covered this year.
  Instead of a final exam, everyone in the class will have to present their projects to the class. This means that seniors *must* attend the final in order to receive a grade. If you know you will be absent during that time, you must prepare a video presentation instead.
  This past week we have been building electronics and using Python to control switches and LED lights. We will continue with electronics for the next few days before break.
And finally, here are your links of the week:
If you’d like to get a last-minute gift for someone, consider one of the following electronics kits:
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